Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Mad props to folks who can blog every day through the holidays. I have proven that I can't. We had a crazy good time, though. Our annual New Year's Eve bash was a success. Most of the guests did, in fact, show up in formal wear. Our food came off well, even if the filet mignon was saltier than I'd usually like. We didn't run out of booze, which had been an initial fear. Best of all, even though I got drunk, I didn't get totally sloppy, pass out or puke. Go me!

Usually, when we through a party, I do well through the first 2/3rds of the night... but then during the last hours of the party I usually lose all control, slam the drinky-drinks and get shit-faced. Shit-faced then leads to passing out, which leads to hubbie staying up until all of the guests leave followed by shafting him with most of the cleaning. Not very cool.

This year, I stayed up until the fat lady sang. One number: 5. The party lasted until 5am. Holy crap! According to hubbie, most of our parties last that long. People, that's 11 hours of party. Yeesh. Who knew we were such animals?

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