Thursday, December 27, 2007

Destruction of a tree

So I took down the Chridma tree today. Hubbie was sad, since he didn't get to participate. I was sad because I like having the tree up. I learned several things while dismantling the tree:
  • there's always a missing ornament.
  • no matter how well I think I'm wrapping the lights, I'll still have a mess to unwrap next year. And yeah, this year I thought I'd wrapped things pretty well.
  • the tree is always lighter on the way out.
  • the tree is always messier on the way out. How many needles does a noble fir have? Ask my floor.
  • the water in the tree stand? Yeah, it's nasty. And smelly. Beware.
Next up is New Year's Eve. We're throwing a formal, black tie, sit down dinner. Unfortunately, a large portion of our friends haven't GROWN UP and learned how to be on time. So they get punished - no filet mignon for them! (If any of them are reading this, I'm serious. You late, you no get the meat.)

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