Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bioshock Empty Box

Just went to Circuit City to get my first ever Xbox 360 game. Our new console came this weekend, and we've been playing all of our regular Xbox games to death. But no actual Xbox 360 games.

In comes Bioshock. Widely touted, well reviewed, awesome demo. Couldn't wait. So off we went. I was so excited that I started unwrapping the game out in the car on the way home.

Glad I did.

There wasn't a disc in the box. Sealed package, security tape at the bottom fully intact, "Xbox certification" seal slightly ragged, but no game. Huh? U-turn and head back to the store.

Get this - every box of the game in the store (a grand total of three) was completely disc-free. We got our money back (thanks, Circuit City) but it still miffs me. Is someone down in Mexico (where the discs are pressed) taking some off the top? Is there someone along the supplier chain that's handy with adhesives stealing the discs and then repackaging them? Is Microsoft acting like evil record companies of old, and inflating its numbers? The latter seems unlikely, since the game is selling like hotcakes and geeks everywhere are screaming its praises. If this was a widespread problem, I would have gotten more than a solitary hit on my Google search. So I don't think that whoever is pulling this scheme is working a large operation. Something small scale - a couple of dudes somewhere.

To those dudes - you suck. I wasted part of my life driving in circles for no reward because of you. I hope that you're happy with yourself, assmunch.