Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What the heck is up with Blogger?

So I logged into Blogger today and the interface is all messed up. It looks like a bad website from Netscape 2.0.

Interface aside, it's time to get back to the business of daily posting. The other night Harry (of messed up shoulder fame) was brave enough to bring his new girlfriend 'round for dinner the other night. This is the first time she's been around the Boyz and I since they met at a bar. Granted, we were with Harry when he met her and none of us thought that their bar-tastic near-hook up would lead anywhere, but that just shows you what we know. I remember rather liking her during that first encounter... but I was drinking and I'm friendly that way.

During the dinner the other night, I still liked her... and I was sober. She's younger. She's a professional dancer. But she's smart and she's not "on the pole." Between yoga and real, honest to God dancing gigs she makes a decent living. How about that? And she went to a women's college, so that's another factor in her favor.

I hope Harry keeps her, at least for a while. I think she's good people.

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