Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Kennedys serve stale danishes

At least according to the Daily Show.

And how pissed am I at the new Cloverfield ads? Hugely. I've wanted to see this movie since the first trailers 9 months ago. The trailers were great; I had no idea if a huge swarm of alien bugs had invaded Manhattan or if the film depicted a super-stealthy remake of Godzilla. I loved the idea of a movie about the random folks caught up in a summer action movie plot. What would I have done if, during a roof top BBQ, I saw Godzilla stomping around? Besides freak, that is. I guess I would grab my bike, as much water as I could carry, and hope my husband was hot on my heels.

And the cats? F*ck them, they'll probably do better than I would! Crafty, demonic critters that they are...

Anyway, the new ads imply that a Godzilla like creature has invaded NYC. TMI! I liked the uncertainty of the first ads, and I wish the ad execs had never changed their strategy towards full disclosure. Dunderheads.

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