Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thwarted at every turn

Today, I wanted to be super-duper productive. This was not to be. Here was the plan:
- wake up at 9a.
- get to Audi dealership and have our radio reset out of safety mode*
- go to therapy at noon.
- eat.
- pick up accumulated vacation mail from the USPS.
- apply for passport.
- shop for books.

What happened?

- woke up at 1030a.
- therapy was canceled... but I didn't know that since my phone has been discharged for 48 hours (whoops!)
- the passport office is only open until 1p. I showed up at 2:30, just 'cause I'm a genius. And because I'd cleverly hidden my passport in my old purse, instead of in the desk drawer where it's supposed to be. But I did get purdy passport photos!
- the Audi dealership didn't have a mechanic available to reset the radio. I had to make an appointment for 9a Friday. Suckitude.
- food didn't happen until 330p.
- too lazy for the bookstore.
- mail pick up occurred.

Basically, I feel like I've been chasing my tail all day like a particularly dumb golden retriever.
On the up side, I did get mail and fantastic shots for my next passport. On the down side, I will actually have to stand in line for passport renewal. Undamaged, less than 15 year old passport renewal apps can go through the mail. Unfortunately, mine has been in my back pocket, sweat upon, dunked in the ocean and just generally abused into such dilapidation that I'm sure the Department of State (that's who passport checks get addressed to, not the 'State Department' FYI) would call it 'damaged'. So I have to talk to a human. Argh!

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