Sunday, January 06, 2008


Hockey is a sport I thoroughly enjoy but don't really understand. I've had the basics explained to me, but I just get all confuzzled while I'm watching the game. It doesn't help that I've had the most exposure to American Hockey League and college hockey - basically the equivalent to triple and double A baseball. Which makes the hockey... sloppy. Hockey is an imprecise sport to begin with, so development league games are messy like a two year old eating chocolate cream pie.

My local team is the Aeros. We've been to one game so far this season, and we're going to a second this afternoon. I like watching them play, but sometimes I feel like the venue doesn't actually want us there. Aeros fans only get Bud Lite and similar; Rockets fans get a choice of barley-based libations. Yes, I know, Rockets games bring the venue much much more money. I don't care! I don't go to Rockets games. I want my bock beer, damn it! None of the nicer food joints are open for Aeros games, just burgers and such. Sometimes I think they would close some of the bathrooms if they could get away with it. Stoopid Toyota Center. Stoopid South for not supporting hockey. Pbbt!

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