Saturday, January 05, 2008

Really, it's still yesterday

Or at least as far as I'm concerned - I haven't been to bed yet.

Today I treated the PWT Award Winner. These poor white trash folks really just never had any chance. Great grandma had a face that had been around the block so many times that 'roadmap' was an understatement. Grandma was MIA. Mom was, at the MOST, 16 years old. However, the award winner for the family was Dad. Or better stated, the baby daddy - since all he did was donate the sperm.

Babydaddy, like the child, has seizures... maybe. According to the Mom, "The dad says he has seizures, but his dad (ie Dad's dad) says that he only has fits when he's doing cocaine."

Oh snap, now that's a good family tree. This kid is already done for - PWT, a Dad with substance abuse issues, and a mother that probably won't finish high school. Good luck and good night!

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