Sunday, October 28, 2007

BoSox Win the World Series!

Time: 2pm the day of game 4

Setting: Streets of Houston

Me: walking out wearing an old Red Sox t-shirt with "5 Garciaparra" on the back

Random guy: "Wow, that shirt is awfully popular right now." (Looking at the front of my BoSox shirt.)

Me: "Good thing I've had it since Nomar actually played with the Sox." (He left the Sox in 2004. I've probably had the shirt since about 2001.)

Guy: "Oh."

I hate stupid boys who assume females cannot be genuine sports fans. I hate Houstonians who think that the Red Sox Nation is made up of people who don't actually follow baseball. I hate anyone who thinks that I'm a freeloading fanboy type.

Go Sox.

Now for the off season - the Astros are going to suck, 'cause the management doesn't have its shit together. The Red Sox will probably be alright... provided they sign Lowell.

Enough of that, though. The Sox won the World Series, I got to see two (2!) games at Fenway this season, I saw Papelbon and Dice-K pitch, and we threw an awesome Halloween party last night. Life is good!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Okay, why I want Clubhouse Champagne Shower Coverage

Johnathan Papelbon did his nearly trademark celebration dance on the field at Fenway Park tonight. He eventually got one of the guys from the Dropkick Murphy's to join him.

How much did I want to see that? Uh... a LOT!

Stoopid TV. Stoopid living in Houston.

We WON, beotches!

First off, go BoSox. I missed the first three innings 'cause I was working at Ye Olde Community Hospital. Four vomickings, six snotty noses, one huge mass of armpit puss and one possible case of juvenile arthritis (the saddest and hardest of all the diagnosis listed by far) later, I was sitting in BW3's* watching my boys put together a lead.

After one super fast trip home, we finished watching the Boston Red Sox sail into the World Series. Such a good game. It was a vastly closer game than the score would suggest. At the end, the announcers served us the usual bullshit - blah blah blah, trophy presentation, blah, blah, blah, the ALCS MVP award. Even though Josh Beckett deserved the MVP, I think the award should have gone to The Rookies. All of 'em. Pedroia, Matsuzaka (okay, only a rookie to American baseball), Ellsbury, and even Buchholz (who hasn't played during the post-season as far as I can tell, but did pitch a no-hitter earlier this year) should have split it; they deserved the MVP. Without Pedroia and Ellsbury, we would have lost tonight's game. And without Matsuzaka and Buchholz, we wouldn't have gotten to the playoffs. But anyway, what I really wanted to see was the post-game player celebration as it happened. Crimmeny, we have 300+ stations, couldn't some alternate station skip the bullshit and let us watch the Clubhouse Champagne Shower?

No, apparently not.

But who cares? BoSox in the World Series! Whoo!

On another note, I told a lie in the last post. My husband did not score us a BMW wagon. He had the choice between the sedan with a sports package, which includes a stiffer suspension and better seats, or a wagon. He picked the package. I'm disappointed, but I have a sneaky suspicion that once I drive our car with the sports package I will change my mind. I don't really care, since the whole deal will only last a grand total of two years.

Later bitches. Go Sox!

* Buffalo Wild Wings used to be BW3's. I've never been able to get used to the new name. Sue me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Car

I've been a bad girl. No posts for weeks and weeks! Plenty to talk about now.

Hubbie and I went on the world's longest four day vacation evah. On Thursday, it felt like Wednesday had actually occurred a week ago. By the time Sunday came around, Wednesday felt like the previous summer. Seriously. The California wine country was astounding.

We traveled with my friend Steve, his sister and her friends. Everyone was younger than us - Steve's only one year younger than me, but you wouldn't know it by the way he acts. He's in, shall we say, a transitional period in his life. And that transition apparently requires a lot of lubrication with alcohol.

Steve's mental age is about 25, and everyone else was pretty much fresh out of college. Hubbie and I felt like the elder statesman and the matriarch of the trip. At one point, each of us ended up sitting at the head of the table staring across this great expanse of wood, lording our age and wisdom over everyone else. Or something like that. We did end up organizing more than 50% of the trip - but only because neither one of us has the patience to sit around and play the, "Oh, I dunno, whatever you want to do is fine..." game. We're too old for that shit.

We're also DINKs - double income no kids - so we bought a LOT of wine. Beautiful chardonnays, a merlot I actually liked and truckloads of pinot noirs. We bought more wine than I honestly know what to do with. I can't wait for the packages to arrive!

I guess I should talk about the title of this post - New Car. We bought a new car! A Beamer! (See the DINK thing, above.) We had thought we'd be sensible with perhaps a new Volkswagon GTI. Sexy, fast and five doors - sounds pretty much perfect. Then the evil hand of advertising intervened. BMW has a lease deal on now advertising a 3 series for about $350 a month. Yes, there is fine print and no, no one really actually gets the car for $350 a month. But the idea of a BMW would just NOT go away.

And somehow, Hubbie negotiated a deal. We're getting a 328i wagon (!) with a stick (!) for about $60 more a month than the VW. Five doors! Wagon-y goodness! (I love me a good wagon. I like the large carrying capacity, fast wagons are cool since no one expects speed from a wagon and sticks in wagons are just sexy. Sorry, they just are.) We won't get the beast for six weeks... but I can wait!