Monday, December 24, 2007


So I'm not doing so well on this daily posting bit, am I? I'm sure all the other daily bloggers are just as busy as I am, and they seem to do just fine. Dave, however, does have the unfair advantage of an iPhone; the handy device allows him to post from anywhere. Then again, he was a daily poster long before his beloved Apple gizmo was invented. So no excuses for me!

Today I finally finished by Chridma shopping. Chridma consists of all of the commercial and social aspects of Christmas without any of the Godly bits. Carols are fine... as long as they couldn't also pass as hymms. Decorations are fine... as long as the baby Jesus is no where to be found. Big lavish family meals are fine... as long as no one says grace. Gifts are freakin' great... as long as I don't have to 'give thanks to God' for my booty. I'll happily give thanks to the gift giver, instead. Usually in form of smooches, since the gift giver is almost always my hubbie.

He does such a good job with 'dem presents. I'm staring at a stack of them right now and I can't WAIT!

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