Sunday, December 16, 2007

St. Louis Food

Amazingly enough, I've been more impressed by St. Louis food than Houston food. And I think I know why. Houston doesn't have many one-off, unique and mid-priced restaurants. Sure, we have multiple cheap, ethnic joints. Sure, we have tons and TONS of mid-priced regional chains: Pappas, Landry's and Goode Company. But how many restaurants like Benjy's? Not that many, and really not that many inside the Loop.

In contrast, I went to three fantastic, mid-priced yet geographically close restaurants during my recent trip to the Gateway to the West. One, Remy's, has been around forever. Farotto's has the best pizza ever, and I've been going there since I was born. The quality has never wagered, and I swear half of the teenage population of Kirkwood has worked there. And then there was Acero. Acero is in a region that used to be known as "Maple-hood" instead of Maplewood. Acero serves the best risotto I've ever had outside of Italy. Acero served three people three courses including a NICE bottle of wine for about $100.

Oh yeah, I ate well in St. Louis.

If it weren't for Tapatia Taqueria, I'd be sad to be home.

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