Friday, February 03, 2006

The Goodness of Jhonen Vasquez

Now, I'm not saying Jhonen is going to win any of the same awards as Mother Teresa. But I love the man. He's goth, he's ridiculous, he was successful, and I'm pretty damn sure he's not obese. What more does a girl need?

(Besides 5'5" of computer programmin' lovin' that is.)

Anyway, Jhonen did a cartoon series for Nickelodeon a while back that is just as sick and twisted as his original comic book work. It was called Invader Zim. I've always wondered how the f*ck JV managed to get the child friendly folks over at Nick to agree to this show. It doesn't have the murder that Johnny the Homicidal Maniac posessed, but it wasn't exactly, well, sane.

(On a side note, JTHM is just about the sickest graphic novel I've ever read. The casual and hilarious violence is totally appalling if you stop to think about it. Which is why I don't.)

The whole premise of Invader Zim is based on the idea that every society has a loser - a big pink Twinkie sucking loser. Someone so dumb they can't even be trusted to empty the trash. Now imagine a race of people so eveolved that they have stopped fighting each other and everyone is united under a single goal - the utter domination of the rest of the universe.

Okay - now understand that the protagonist of Invader Zim is the utter idiot of his society. He's considered so dumb that he's sent off to conquer the least significant planet in the galaxy... Earth. Just to get him out of the way, ya know.

Hilarity ensues.

Trust me, watch it at 8:30pm on Nick. It's so worth it!

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