Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We Won!

Hubby and I decided to go out to a nice neighborhood pub to have a beer. Just to meet some folks who, well, never showed up.

But that's okay.

'Cause we won stuff.

What did we win? A raffle. A raffle we didn't even pay to enter. The folks just down the bar from us knew they were leaving before the raffle draw and gave us their stubbs.

Yeah - and we won.

Again - what did we win? A New Belgium Brewery bike. Yeah - we won a bike. How cool is that?


Karla said...

no way! I LOVE those bikes! I'm jealous!

I always seem to win beer. Once I won like, $100 worth of beer to Fado in Austin, and then another time I won more beer somewhere else.

God is telling me to be a lush.

Anonymous said...

i dunno about the quality of their bikes, but there are times i would kill a man for just a sip of fat tire. it's simply impossible to get here in nyc.