Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tagged again

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life:

- coffee shop girl
- chemistry lab gofer
- secretarial temp
- doctor

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over:

- Serenity
- Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
- Sin City
- X-men 1 & 2

(Okay, that's six, but sequels and two part movies don't count, damn it!)

Four Places You’ve Lived:

- St. Louis, MO
- Bonstetten, Switzerland (near Zurich)
- Boston, MA
- Houston, TX

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:

- Firefly
- Dirty Jobs
- Mythbusters
- Good Eats

Four Places You’ve Been On Holiday:

- Steamboat Springs, CO
- New York, NY
- Whistler-Blackcomb, BC
- Rome, Italy

Four Blogs You Visit Daily:

- The Texpatriate
- Go Fug Yourself
- blogography
- Weenie

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:

- wild mushroom rissotto
- filet mignon
- lamb shanks from the Blue Room in Boston
- Ted Drewes frozen custard in St. Louis

Four Places You’d Rather Be:

- Steamboat Springs, CO
- Boston, MA
- my bed
- Kilkenny, Ireland

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without:

- NIN, Broken
- Unwritten Law, Here's to the Mourning
- Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville
- Ray Corvair Trio, Slick 50

Four Vehicles I’ve Owned:

- 1993 Dodge Dakota 4x2 pickup truck - that sucker could fishtail like nothin' else!
- 1986 Toyota Camry
- 1999 GTI VR6
- 2002 Subaru WRX wagon

Now, if I can just get the stinking intern to sign out, I would be able to go home. And nap. Which would be good.

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