Sunday, February 12, 2006

All cultured and stuff! (And neon excretions of bizarre origin.)

Well, we had a weekend of culture. The first in a while.

Normally, I'm the kind of gal that likes to go to the mega-plex and watch testosterone-laden men to blow stuff up. Or watch sexy muscular women like Mila Jovovich or Michelle Yoh blow stuff up.

But not this weekend.

We started out by by bowling. I know, I know, not high culture. But hey, cheesy American culture isn't something we indulge in often. Then there was the Basquiat. Yes, I actually went to see art. Real art - the kind actual art critics actually write about. Normally, I avoid this stuff like the plague. 'Cause hey - I'm crass. But this was fun. It helped that copious amounts of booze and music by DJ Grandmaster Flash. It was the biggest party I have ever attended. The entire Houston Museum of Fine Arts was packed with hipsters - and these people were stupid enough to let me in! Hah! We came, we saw and we conquered. Very cool.

Next was Japanese drumming. Not only is that multicultural, which makes it intrinsically cool, but we also knew someone in the group. How cool is that? Taiko is definitely fun to watch. The drumming was awesome and the visuals were very cool. At one point, the drummers held these massive drums between their knees while lying on the floor. They then flexed their abdominal muscles to rear up and beat the drums. So very cool.

A good weekend all-around, topped off by some free booze from my boss and a game of Settlers with good friends. But now on to other topics...

My pee has turned neon yellow. Ya know that ever-so-slightly greenish neon yellow of the mid-1980's? Yeah, that's my pee. Before it was routine yellow of urine. As with any urine, it fluctuated between yellow and dark yellow with my relative state of hydration. Now it is just neon. Why, you ask? As a doctor, am I clueless why this has happened to me?

No, my friends, I am not.

It's my damn vitamins.

I've been a good little breeder and started taking prenatal vitamins well before getting pregnant. I got my vitamins from Central Market, an upscale tree-hugging (but excellent) supermarket nearby. My vitamins include the standard neccesary ingredients for prenatal health... but they also include various foodstuffs like spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa (leaf) juice concentrate.

So yeah, my pee is straight out of a bad 80's movie. But I need the vitamins. What is a girl supposed to do? The answer - suck it up!

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