Monday, January 23, 2006

Meat, Martinis and Career Changes

Last Saturday we threw the party I've been talking about for the last several posts.

There was meat. There were martinis. Many, many martinis. I learned many things at the meat and martini party:

- vodka is always more popular than gin
- one juicer just isn't enough
- folks just don't quite know the definition of meat

Per Wikipedia - Meat is animal tissue (mainly muscle) used as food.

I haven't figured out why defining meat was so hard. In our invite, we used the phrase, "red meat and dry martinis". Extrapolating from the phrase, I hoped people would assume that 1) cow based meat would be fine 2) anything else red and meaty would work. For example - venison, duck, horse, etc. Pig, of course, would be acceptable. After all, it is the magical animal of legend!

But damn, hubby and I got loads and loads of questions regarding the nature of meat. Did salami count as meat? How about roast beef? How about pork loin? Would meatballs be acceptable?

I mean please people - YES!

Anyway, on a totally different tangent, I've come to realize that my original career path was total shyte. This is good, 'cause I won't waste three years of my life on training I won't need. This is bad, 'cause I had my little epiphany about nine months too late. So now I have to find something to do for the next year of my life while I apply to the right fellowship program.


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