Thursday, January 26, 2006

20$ Chucks!

And I don't mean chux, the lovely blue disposable towel of medical fame. I do mean Chucks, as in sneaker goodness. And for once, I really do love eBay.

Now, the coolio pink and black two tone Chucks may look very similar to the ones I have. But lo, beware young Jedi, for they are not. The tounge - it will be pink! And anyway, my current set of Chucks are downright sorry. The rubber piping is peeling from the side and the whoel dang pair is just dirty. DIRTY I tell you!

Now, I could have just bought it now for $23, but I stuck my neck out and put in a bid. I ended up winning the auction for $10 + $10 shipping - viola! $20 Chucks. Magic, I tell ya, magic!

1 comment:

Karla said...

I have my original, circa 1984 Chucks still. The high tops, with splatter paint on them, and "Franky Say Relax" written on the sides with silver paint pen.

A veritable relic of hip. I still wear them at times.