Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Holy crap, the house almost feels like its ours!

So we're throwing a party. A really big party.

And I've been working on the house nonstop for what feels like forever, but has actually only been about three weeks.

See, when we closed on the place a year ago, we got going. We busted our ass. The place had no light fixtures, no gas, no electricity, a crappy white tile island in the kitchen and was NEON YELLOW throughout. It was like walking into a dark, ugly jaundice ward. By the time we moved into the place, we had power, gas, a new stove (the old one stank of gas - very bad news), a steel kitchen prep table to replace the island and a coat of paint over about 70% of the walls.

The problem is, we completely stopped working on the place once the furnature was in place. Nothing happened. No painting. No unpacking.

I've lived 12 months without seeing my favorite paperbacks. Now that's lazy.

Oddly enough, the first bought of frantic productivity lasted about three weeks. Interesting...

But now that we're having a party, we've actually gotten a bunch of stuff done. I know I was skeptical earlier... We've exceeded my expectations. I've unpacked my paperbacks. The CD racks are on the wall. 90% painted. All lights above the kitchen working.

Holy shit, I might just faint... but at least now I'll have a nice sissel rug to fall on.

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