Saturday, January 07, 2006

I am the Mistress of IKEA

So we're having a party. Hopefully, a really big party with lots of red meat and dry martinis.

But there's a catch - we moved into the new place in March 2005. Why is this a problem? Weeeell, we never really finished moving into the new joint.


So now that we're throwin' a really large shindig, we gotta get our asses in gear. Hubby has made a Microsoft Project Gantt chart outlining what we hafta do in order to create a actual 'put together' home before the par-tay. Get this - 6.5 hours per person per weekend day + 3 hours per person per weekday.


I'm skeptical. Then again, we really want to throw an excellent Meat and Martini party. And today, we did make our goals.

We woke up early, went to the awesome Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Company and IKEA then assembled not one, but two pieces of IKEA furniture. Meanwhile, hubby slapped a second coat of paint on the bedroom doors and started on the other random doors on the first floor.

Now, the division of labor was natural. I rule at IKEA assembly. I've put together so many damn IKEA items it's not even funny. Seriously - our place is 80+% IKEA. And the stuff that isn't IKEA, well, about half of that we wish we hadn't bought. The rest is from Ace Mart.

I never said we were normal, just that I am the MISTRESS OF IKEA!


Me said...

The Ween is impressed!

Looking forward to the party... I'm narrowing down my decision on my meat dish. :)


(Homer Simpson drool)

Karla said...

Have fun you guys. I will be gone back to snorway by then.

I am, however, SO gonna steal your idea for a future party. To which you will be invited.

And I sent you a cheesy gift via my brother, so be sure to make him give it to you. It's cheesy, but thematic. Though not dry....