Thursday, September 29, 2005

What happened?

Okay - what the heck happened to my Red Sox? I know, I know we won last year, which should make me feel good. And I did - I do. But we were on top of the AL East for so stinking long. Why did we have to blow it at the end of the season?

Now the whole shebang might well rest on the final three game series against the Yankees. I hope they (the Yanks) all stub their toes and break their hands in the next several days!

But the good news is that I'm discharging one of my babies - and he's mostly normal! He's a former extreme preemie with multiple complications who has somehow hung on to the greater part of his brain and neurologic function. He's so freaking cute, too. He has little black curls and a big 'ole grin.

So nice.

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