Monday, September 05, 2005


Right now I'm the senior resident on the children's ward at the Community Hospital (CH) affiliated with my program. I run the ICU when the staff (ie attendings) aren't around. So if someone is intubated and ventilator dependent, it's all me. Furthermore, CH has been designated as the destination for any sick kids from the Astrodome - which means I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. So far, so good.

But man, I can't believe that there aren't sick kids out there, just waiting to be brought to light. Scary scary. Can't you picture it? A kiddo in status asthmaticus (a very long bad asthma attack) on the verge of ventilatory failure lingering on the floor of the Astrodome until (on my call night, of course) he's found by some astute volunteer or wandering MD - then brought to me in the PICU. I just hope I can take care of whatever rolls in.

I'm not without support. I can always call the Chief Resident to get advice, who can then call a Critical Care attending over at the MSDQCH if things get too sticky, who could then call me back. But that's a lot of calling, and sometimes kids don't have a lot of time. Granted, I spent one five week long hellish month over in the MSDQCH intensive care unit trying to learn what I needed to give the kiddos what support they need until help arrives, but damn, that was only five weeks and it was last November for Pete's sake!

So far I've done okay, let's just hope tonight goes as well.

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