Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One Rita I wouldn't want to drink

So here we sit in the path of a category 5 hurricaine. I have to say, this is one of those experiences I had hoped to avoid while living down here on the Gulf.

I think my people will be fine. My husband, thank the powers that be, is leaving town. Last time we communicated, my husband agreed to go away to Dallas (Hi Lizard!) with the cats to stay with his brother. I'm wholeheartedly in favor of this plan, 'cause then I won't have to worry about him. I don't want him here if this sucker is going to be bad.

I have to stay. The pedi residents will be manning the floor at the Community Hospital and at the MSDQCH through the storm. All of us plan to stay for quite a long period - up to 96 hours if need be. The Chiefs currently plan to have my team on call tonight, so home tomorrow post call, work Friday for as long as needed, have a "day off" on Saturday (expected landfall that morning) and then come in to relieve the other MDs on Sunday. We've been explicitly asked to not show up on Saturday so that someone minimally fresh will be available to take on patient care Sunday.

I'm not sure how the current plan is going to work out. I mean, will I even be able to get back to work? I would rather not be home on Saturday. I really don't want to be home on Saturday, actually. I'll probably just come in on Saturday and not work.

Or something like that.

But anyway, I'll get a up-close and personal view of a wicked strong hurricaine. Oh, joy. Hear the excitement in my voice... NOT.

But Chris will get out, I'll be safe in the hospital and that is what is important.

So, the plan is for my team to be "off" on Saturday. However, the hospital is kindly giving us space to ride out the storm overnight Friday. My team and I figure that folks should get the hell out of Houston, but barring that, the safest place to be is inside one of the hospitals.

I can't say that I'm excited about 48+ hours in the hospital. But it could be fun in a twisted sort of way - kinda like a big pajama party.

We'll just have to see!


Karla said...

I was wondering what you'd have to do...
Wishing you all the best. And good thoughts to Chris, too.

Anonymous said...

Cats and I are safe and sound. The highways were overmatched by the amount of traffic, as anyone watching CNN observed. -CPC