Friday, September 23, 2005

Much ado about nothing...

That is, if a category 3 hurricaine counts as nothing. So the whole trajectory of the storm changed this afternoon and that bitch is veering away from Houston to the east. Part of me is happy happy happy. (That would be the vastly larger part, by the way.) The other part of me is a little mad. We - and by we I mean my husband, my friends, my colleages, my colleages' spouses - did so much prep work. Everyone is exhausted. Most of us came into the community hospital packed for a 5-7 day stay. I know I did. I also brought enough food for myself for about four days and enough water for two. If it all turns out to be unneeded, a small part of me feels a little jilted.

I kinda wanted a 'I lived through Rita' t-shirt. Stupid, huh?

But really, I'm so fucking greatful that this thing has decided to chill out and calm down. I was convinced that Rita was going to blow our windows out. See, we have these tall single pane windows on both the west and east walls of our condo. To make matters worse our condo is supposed to resemble a loft, which means the entire place is just one huge oblong room. So if the window(s) shattered, our entire place would get drenched and we'd have a large, $200,000 wind tunnel. And we couldn't board up the windows 'cause the outside is stucco - there would be no place to attach the plywood to the wall.

But thankfully all of that looks less likely now. 60 MPH winds = possible damage. 150 MPH winds = total destruction. Therefore, 60 MPH winds = good.

When this is all over I'm taking a very long nap.

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