Thursday, June 02, 2005

Riding the night

For the next three days, my life goes topsy-turvy. Why? I'm the nightrider. I'm half of an expert team holding down the fort in the pediatric EC at a community hospital all night long. The really fucking scary part about nightriding is that the supervision is miniscule and backup nonexistent. At night in this particular EC, there is no attending (ie liscenced) physician - only residents. That's right - absolutely no one with actual pediatric board certification can be found. Just two residents. And why would you want anyone training in pediatric emergency medicine in an emergency room, that's crazy talk! Residents are good enought!

Not to mention, nightriding totally destroys my circadian rhythm. My skin goes crazy. My mood plummets. My fish starve. Working from 8p - 8a isn't very compatible with most of life's little details, like getting to the bank. Sure, I could go after work, but by then I'm delusional, grumpy and nearly homocidal. Not a good combo when visiting a bank. I've also got to find time to get my car registered and I think I would have seizure if I had to visit the DMV after a night at the EC. STAT benzos, please, the doctor is seizing.

Yargh. See you on the flip side, people.

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