Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"General Medicine"

The community hospital has a clinic designed to provide EC follow up for those without insurance. It's called the "General Medicine Clinic", gen med for short. The clinic also serves as the urgent care center for children seen at the hospital's pediatric clinic.

Most residents hate doing time in gen med. I love it. I just want to give cookies out to each mother that actually calls, gets a sick visit and then shows up to clinic. Each general medicine visit is an avoided ER visit. Got the crud? Come on in! We'd love to see you - just for the love of God don't take the snot to the ER. The cost to the health care system is so much greater in the ER, and a general medicine visit solves most problems. Really, no lie!

I also get to hang around all of these really smart subspecialists and basically evesdrop on all of these cool conversations. Yes, occasionally I do like to learn.

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