Saturday, June 25, 2005

Been a while...

Sorry about that. Life got in the way of blogging, and hey, just 'cause I vowed to use this forum to write more, doesn't mean I'm gonna. ;)

Last night I tried to be a good doctor and generally ended up pissing everybody, including myself, off. This community hospital EC always seems to work that way. Resources are limited, patients want more than I can give, staff members don't like doing anything at all out of the ordinary and everything takes way way way too long. I sorted things out. I made a plan. Who knows if anyone gives a shit. The patient (and her parents) certainly didn't seem to care. The fact that it was fuckin' four in the morning didn't help any, either.

On a lighter note - go Red Sox! They have been winning and, wouldn't ya know, the Orioles have been losing. We're now on top of the AL East. I know we haven't even gotten to the All-Star break, but hey! I believe. I think we could perhaps make like the Patriots and get two in a row...

And please, can we take a second and revel in the badness of the New York Yankees? Doesn't it just warm the very cockles of your heart? Jeter is frustrated. Steinbrenner is blowing a gasket. Heaven on earth, I tell ya. Now if only the Pedro would start to slump, my baseball life would be nearly perfecto.

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Karla said... the tight pants, boring game.
So soccer...there's a sport. And men's gymnastics, woohoo!
Basically, I'm all about the displays of male flesh.
I'm sexist, me.