Wednesday, March 01, 2006

People are dumb, um-kay...

I don't know why people with chronic, low-acuity problems seem to think that the ER is the best place to get answers. Why do folks think that, at 2pm on a Tuesday (or 3am on a Friday or whatever) doctors will suddenly have the magic bullet pill that will solve the patient's three year history of chronic recurrent abdominal pain most likely caused by an excess of shit and a paucity of fiber?

Why, why, why?!?

But such is life in the ER.

On the other hand, why do otherwise well intentioned but overworked public school officials think that medication all children will solve all discipline problems? And why do these same school principals get upset when, after sending the child to the ER (ya know, where we treat life-threatening emergencies), the ER docs are only able to rule out the stuff that might kill the child quickly (ya know, like emergent medical or pyschiatric problems)? No responsible physicain is going to hand out Ritalin from the ER!!! Just. Not Right.

Yargh. But hey, no one died in the ER today, so it was a good day.

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Me said...

Boy, am I glad kiddo's school didn't pull that shit with us! They totally respected our decision not to medicate. Of course, they totally support us now that she is medicated too.

Plus, they all think Ed's a dick too, because of all the trouble he's caused regarding it all.

I love her school.