Monday, March 06, 2006

I wish I was funny... or at least popular

Okay, my life is good. I don't really have any reason to complain... but I'm going to anyway.

I wish I had one of thos blogs that folks actually read. I wish I was funny.

'Cause I'm not - I'm clever, and sometimes whiney (is that spelled with or without the e? I don't know!), but not funny. It doesn't help that I think my life is boring, and I frequently have no clue what to write.

I think this blog might do better if I wrote longer posts... but my ADD won't really let me. I just can't concentrate long enough to create posts longer than about a screen. I know, I know, I don't fit the full DSM-IV criteria for adult ADD, but still.

Really, I have no reason to complain. I started this blog so that I would write - a pastime my profession doesn't encourage. Writing is for wussies - real doctors use abbreviations, super-microsized handwriting and sentences without conjunctions. I once swore I would never write like that... but I do. Routinely. Just for poops and giggles, I'm going to make up a fake history and physical below in docta-speak... so ya'll know how horrible doctor writing acutally is.

CC: fever
HPI: Pt isa 4 yo HA female (not written, but done as the symbol) c PMHx of sepsis presents c 4d cough, fever and sob. Denies nightsweats, chills, n/v/d, decr. po, decr. uop + malaise.
ROS neg x above
FHx = asthma, CAD, HTN, DM
SHx = daycare
PE (vitals listed first... then)
Gen - nontoxic, uncomfortable
HEENT - NCAT, EOMI, PERRLA, TM's clear B, MMM, OP clear, neck supple
Chest - CTA B, RRR no m/r/g
Abdom - +BS, soft, NT/ND, no HSM
Ext - wwp
GU - Tanner I, double down
Labs - none
Radiology - CXR shows RML infiltrate
A/P 4 yo female with pna
- cefurox x 10 days
- f/u with PCP

Yeah - so writing isn't my forte anymore. But damn it, with this blog I will become eloquent once again.

If it kills me!


Me said...

Bell- it's probably Hispanic American.

DW: I actually understood some of what you wrote! Scary, huh?


p.s. I find you very remarkable and entertaining in many ways. and whiny is without the "e"

doctawife said...

HA in my neck of the woods is Hispanic American.


And thanks, guys. You rock!