Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Days off

Okay, any interns stop reading, the following is going to piss you off.

Residency is hard - time consuming, frustrating, sleep-depriving. But you get used to it. Working 80 hours becomes routine and days off are treated like precious gems. After all, you only get one a week.

Then, suddenly, late in residency rotations appear that are, well, different. Five day weeks. Multiple days off. 30 - 40 hours of actual work a week. And ya know what? It gets old. I'd rather be working a little more and goofing off a little less.

Sure, I could do stuff around the house. There's plenty to do - painting, unpacking, bug-spraying, cleaning... Not to mention catching up on the latest pediatric literature. The list doesn't end.


There it is then: I'd rather work than actually do anything listed in the above paragraph. Who knew that I'd grow up and like my job?

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