Monday, July 18, 2005


How much do applications suck? I just hate the inevitable soul searching that accompanies the process. Why do I want to be a doctor, after all? And now that I'm a doctor, why do I give a flying fart about underinsured patients? I mean, it isn't like they can actually pay me! Why do I want to submit myself to more traning? Shouldn't I just go out and make more money? Heh?

Why why why! My internal monolog starts to sound like a 4 year old child. One that I want to bitch-slap.

But we all have moments like this - cover letters, applications, resumes, curriculum vitaes. And I don't think anyone likes applying for anything. Not anything work related, anyway. I do want to be a doctor, I do care about the underinsured (some of them are friends of mine!) and I do want more training.

Maybe I'll actually get it.

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