Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Love Letter to the Dumb Drunk Guy

Dear Mr. Drunk Guy-

There are many things I love about you: your cheerful exuberance, your golden shiny bling and your happy go lucky lack of coordination. I also admire your understanding of acceleration, momentum and physics. Most memorable is your ability to know that if you step out in front of my moving vehicle, I'll have just barely enough time to stop before running your black ass over.

I love you way you fall over the tono cover of my convertable, eager to cuss me out. I love the way your friends yell at me. I love the way you totally ignored my screams as I yelled at you to get the fuck out of the way of the moving car!


1 comment:

Me said...

jesus. that must've been fun. not.

i'd like to hear the whole story sometime.

btw, i love the "i'm fucking matt damon video." i saw it the day it hit youtube. now picture my parents laughing their asses off too.