Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging from Steamboat!

So my husband scheduled a fishing trip. This is a good thing, since the last time he tried to go fishing, bad things happened. Unfortunately, the trip ened up being on one of the rare weekends I have off.

So I went skiing. Hah! Take that!

But really, I wanted him to fish, but I didn't want to be left floating around in Houston. So, since I had 4 days left on my Steamboat lift pass, I found a way up here to SKI!!! The skiing forcast, however, didn't look too exceptional; only a 30% chance of fresh snow, (relatively) high temperatures... nothing special. But there was snow last night, snow today, and there will probably be snow tomorrow.

Now my worry isn't so much about bad skiing, but bad driving over the pass. Such is life!

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