Thursday, November 01, 2007


Now people, this diagnosis is a pain in the ass. Pseudoseizures are events that look like seizures to non-medicos. But, guess what, they aren't actually seizures. The kids fake it. They might night mean to fake it - they're acting out against intolerable stress - but basically they're hamming it up.

Not a popular diagnosis. Picture this converstation:

Me - The EEG was negative; no seizures were seen. Your child had three events during the EEG. Therefore, given the normal EEG, your child is having psuedoseizures.

Parent - Does that mean she's doing this herself?

Me - Yes. She isn't doing it deliberately, but the jerking movements she makes are essentially voluntary.

Parent - ^%$#&^%( *&(&^$^%$#^%%(*&^*&% $&%^$# %$#EWS FGBVFGVB OIU^T*&^%# @$#EWQ@RE#$^%

Yeah. It goes just about that well.

It just sucks. If someone has abnormal, seizure-like movements during the EEG, but still has a negative EEG... seizure disorder has been ruled out. Period. One cannot seize without abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Period.

And teenagers are bad at faking. For whatever reason, kids with pseudoseizures always sort of twiddle their fingers during the 'attacks'. Let me tell ya, people seizing DON'T waggle their fingers in the air. Nor can they walk. But really, it's the finger twitching that gets me. Where do they get this stuff?

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Anonymous said...

You are misinformed. Psychogenic seizures are not faked. Faking is called malingering. Psychogenic seizures are not the result of a neurological disorder, but they are not faked any more than someone fakes vomiting out of stress or fainting from shock.