Sunday, October 28, 2007

BoSox Win the World Series!

Time: 2pm the day of game 4

Setting: Streets of Houston

Me: walking out wearing an old Red Sox t-shirt with "5 Garciaparra" on the back

Random guy: "Wow, that shirt is awfully popular right now." (Looking at the front of my BoSox shirt.)

Me: "Good thing I've had it since Nomar actually played with the Sox." (He left the Sox in 2004. I've probably had the shirt since about 2001.)

Guy: "Oh."

I hate stupid boys who assume females cannot be genuine sports fans. I hate Houstonians who think that the Red Sox Nation is made up of people who don't actually follow baseball. I hate anyone who thinks that I'm a freeloading fanboy type.

Go Sox.

Now for the off season - the Astros are going to suck, 'cause the management doesn't have its shit together. The Red Sox will probably be alright... provided they sign Lowell.

Enough of that, though. The Sox won the World Series, I got to see two (2!) games at Fenway this season, I saw Papelbon and Dice-K pitch, and we threw an awesome Halloween party last night. Life is good!

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