Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Roadtrip Bathroom Award

I hereby nominate Buc-ee's for the Best Roadtrip Bathroom ever. What makes this pot spot so great? Let me list the ways:

  • The bathroom are so clean I'd eat off the floor for $5.
  • Location doesn't matter - each Buc-ee's is just as nice as the last.
  • Each stall has a toilet seat sanitizer dispenser screwed to the wall. Just a little of this gel based substance and some toilet paper, and your ass will never come in contact with nasty poo-based germs. Brilliant!
  • I've never had to ask the lady in the next stall for more toilet paper. Buc-ee's either has really diligent staff or they've discovered the fountain of TP. I don't know which is true and I don't care.
  • The automatic paper towel dispensers actually give a usable amount of toweling. No going back for a second piece - who woudda thought?
Even though I just said that consistency is one of the key's to Buc-ee's success, I do have a favorite location. #17 in Luling is awesome. Not only are the bathrooms huge, the rest of the store is a destination in itself. You can get beef jerky, made-as -you-wait deli sandwiches, Texas-style home decor, your usual junk food, basic car repair supplies, large charcoal grills, hunting blinds and deer corn. And no, I'm not kidding about the last three offerings. Anyone on IH-10 between Houston and San Antonio must stop here. It's seriously worth it.

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Me said...

I loves me some Buc-ee's too. Best. Toilets. Evah. They have the best billboards, too. My fave: "Eat Here, Get Gas."