Sunday, May 13, 2007

Local food

I've been tagged by Karla over in Norway. This is a good thing, since I've been neglecting this blog o' mine. Bad doctawife, bad! (Side note: I found out last night that when hubbie refers to me at work, he almost alway says Dr. Wife. Not my name, or my other name (yeah, yeah I have to different given names, and only one of them is on my birth certificate, what's it to ya?) or even doctawife, but Dr. Wife. How weird/cool is that?)

So I'm supposed to list everyone whose done the meme, and then tag five people. Here's the problem, folks - I don't know five other bloggers. At least not five other bloggers who read my site. I think I top out at three. And two of those three have already done the meme. So I guess I'll just consider myself a dead end and hope the Gods of the Intarweb don't get me. But here are the previous posters:

With no further ado - My Favorite Five Local Eats!

1) The Roving Mexican. These noble souls are men and women who walk, bike and drive around to various Houston bars and sell drunk idiots like me tamales. For six US dollars, I can buy one dozen delicious, hot, fragrant meat tamales. That's enough to feed the table! And, usually, the Roving Mexican also throws in a little tub of spicy green sauce. Good eats, people, even when you're the designated driver and are therefore sober. (My apologies to any tamale people who aren't Mexican but are instead Guatemalan or Nicaraguan or Houstonian. The Roving Person-of-Hispanic-Descent-or-Just-Someone-Who-Makes-Really-Good-Tamales just doesn't sound as good.)

2) Benjy's. Good chi-chi nouvelle cuisine. Unfortunately, I haven't been there in many moons. I talked to someone who ate there last week and she said that the service wasn't very good and the food has slipped. I REALLY hope that's not the case, 'cause Benjy's has been my only source of reliable fancy goodness. There are other fancy restaurants in town, but they either cost a LOT more or the food isn't good enough to justify the price. (Which, by the way, is something I hate. If I'm paying $20 a plate, I want the food to be better than what I can make at home. This is a constantly moving target, since my cooking continues to improve, but we always knew I was a demanding bitch.)

3) Dolce Vita. The best damn pizza in Texas. Yeah, it's fancy-pants pizza, but it is darn good. The wine list doesn't suck either - a nice spread of prices and everything on the list is solid. Sure, the $30 bottle won't necessarily knock you speechless, but you won't feel gypped either. (Man, 'gypped' sure is a racial slur, ain't it? I hadn't really put that together until I just spelled it out. I guess that's the last time you'll see me type that word...)

4) Any Vietnamese restaurant near Milam between Francis and McGowen. Can we say pho? I sure can. This entry actually accounts for three restaurants. One is great at beef pho with egg noddles, one is great for bo luc lac (garlic beef sauted in butter - LOTS of butter) and one has awesome seafood egg noodle pho. Ya can't go wrong in this area... as long as it's Asian food yer wantin'. What can I tell ya - even the signs are in Vietnamese!

5) London Sizzler. This is NOT the place to go for great service or fast eats. The kitchen is sssllloooooowwwwww. Think slug. Or better yet, think glacial. Hubbie and I have joked that we wish we could call ahead with our order. That way our food might be ready twenty minutes after we arrived. But for good Indian food, the place can't be beat. The biryani is awesome, so is the butter chicken and the paneer. Hot yummy naan. Drool. But trust me folks, get an appetizer. Otherwise you'll go a little crazy while waiting. Trust me, it's happened. And it wasn't pretty.

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