Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Provided that my brudder-in-law is home this weekend, hubbie and I will be seeing the Boston Red Sox at the Ballpark at Arlington. As a member of the Red Sox Nation, this is a huge deal. I've so missed my boyz! Manny, Ortiz, Wakefield, Varitek.. They all make my heart go pitter patter. The new guys, who are becoming my boyz as I watch more and more baseball on my nifty cable package, (more on that later) aren't shabby either. Even if one of them is named after a breakfast cereal.

It's gonna be a good year for baseball. Check this out:

  • We've been to at least six, maybe more, Astros games so far this year. There have only been 23 home games. That's better than 1/4 of the games! If you knew how crazy my schedule was, you'd know how remarkable that is.
  • We're doing an east coast baseball vacation! Baltimore Orioles x 2, New York Yankees x1 (It's just for the stadium, people! Calm down already...) and Boston Red Sox at Fenway x 1.
  • We bought MLB Season ticket on cable, so we're watching insane amounts of 'ball on the boob tube. With this nifty package, we can watch every game being shown on a given night. (Unless the evil TV gods have decreed that There Shall be a Blackout. Stoopid MLB and TV execs. I hate them.) Every night at 6pm, when I'm home, I go trolling for Red Sox games. If the Sox aren't on, I'll wait a hour and then go looking for 'Stros games. If neither team is on, I go looking for CSI. (Mmmm... Grissom.) I mean, really, who wants to watch the Rockies when I could be looking at hot Las Vegas Action? Who?!?
Hubbie and I just figured out TONIGHT that we could actually make the Red Sox game in Dallas. We're so excited. I really hope his brother is gonna be home. If not, I might just have to pony up the money for a hotel room Saturday night before the game...

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