Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The bad day before the good day

So the bad day was today. As you might expect from the title 'cause I know ya'll are just such smart readers! I did most of my damn credentialing paperwork for my upcoming job. I measured the stack of paperwork - the stack was 4.5 inches fucking tall. I am SO not kidding. And when I went to turn it in - I found out that I hadn't needed to do half of it. The assistant would have been happy to do most of it for me! Yargh!

I was stressing so hard about getting all that shit done today I gave myself one of the worst headaches I've had this year.

BUT! All is not lost. 'Cause gtuess what...

Vacation starts Friday! Yeah, it's with my mother. But still! California here we come! We'll be gone for nine days, so I might be incommunicado. I may bring the spiffy new toy, but it weighs a ton and has (honestly) crap for battery life. So I may not. We'll see.

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Me said...

Call me when y'all get back so 1. I can return your evil book, and 2. we can finally have our damned sushi and drink some vino.

Have a blast!