Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sadness and Lung Cancer

A close relative of my husband's has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and apparently the cancer has already metastisized to the lymph nodes.

We don't know much, since the news is second hand. We'll go visitng tomorrow. But in the meantime PLEASE stop smoking, stop exposing your freaking kids to smoke and stop complaining that we - the former smokers and the non-smokers of the world - are infringing on smokers' right. Fuck that, smokers impinge on my right to live.

And while we're at it - fuck those jackasses who installed, used and exposed their workers to asbestos and then denied that that the shit was toxic.

Yeah, just like Agent Orange isn't toxic.


P.S. - My days of social smoking have ended. I've been smoke free for a short while, but that 'drunk cig' shit ends now.


Karla said...

I've got a friend dying of cancer right now...though it's breast. It's just horrible.

Funny, I've always been a die hard social smoker but for the past few months...I just don't want them. Not even a little. It's like, just not tempting at all. Don't know why. Just not.

So I guess I am done. Wierd. I quit by just sort of forgetting about it.

Me said...

Damn, DW... that sucks. Glad I haven't bought another pack of cloves. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Ween :(

Me said...

Oh, and my dad's getting ready to start Wellbutrin. For the smoking and to help with his depression. Thank God.

He had a stroke three weeks before I went to college, so he did his initial nicotine withdrawal in the hospital. Actually quit smoking for like 5 years, then started back up. Maybe this time he'll actually make it. The daughter rags her grandfather's ass about it constantly. She even called me at work one day to tell me about it!

Jaye Joseph said...

The minute the doctor told me I had lymphoma, I knew I was done forever. I'll never touch one again, and now it looks really strange to me to see people do it. Odd how it can all change like that.

I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts and hoping that all will go well. There are so many things that can be done and it never ceases to amaze me the daily discoveries that are being made in cancer treatment.