Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yay - I got tagged

I AM: a wife, a doctor, a daughter, an avid reader and a big time procrastinator.

I WANT: whirled peas. Actually, I want my dad back. Barring that, a plasma screen or LCD flatpanel TV would be nice.

I WISH: my mother didn't have short term memory issues / episodes of delirium.

I HATE: stupid people. Example - there was a case of rabies diagnosed in our PICU recently. Now, when exposed to droplets from a rabies patient, you need to get the rabies vaccine. 'Cause rabies is 100% fatal. We don't got no meds to treat that sumbitch! So getting the vaccine is important, right? So when the doc who needed the vaccine was told that he couldn't get it that Friday (and the employee health office wasn't open on Saturday) 'cause the tech had to go to freaking LensCrafters (!) I was a little upset on his behalf. That is just blatant negligent supidity. And carelessness. Oh - and incompetence too!

I MISS: Boston. I wish it wasn't so darn expensive up there.

I FEAR: that I'll disappoint my husband or fail a patient. I fear I won't pass the pedi boards.

I HEAR: Alton Brown on Iron Chef America. It's battle goat cheese. Bobby Flay just screwed something up and is starting a dish over. Bad omen.

I WONDER: if I can find a copy of the Element 'I pinch' commercial somewhere on the internet. I LOVE that ad.

I REGRET: not voting in the last primary. I can't complain if I didn't vote.

I AM NOT: daintly or tactful. This is sometimes a problem.

I DANCE: like a goth.

I SING: poorly, but very enthusiastically.

I CRY: at commercials. Sad, but true. (Just ask the husband - he's seen it!)

I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice. But that isn't news to anyone.

I MADE: chicken stock today. I love my pressure cooker.

I WRITE: admission notes, progress notes, ER notes, pediatric mock codes and this blog. I used to write well, but now what I write usually resembles alphabet soup.

I CONFUSE: TTP with ITP - it's a medical thing. I also confuse Francis with Keith. Oops.

I NEED: money. But who doesn't?

I SHOULD: study more.

I START: a new job in August. Yikes.

I FINISH: fiction (particularly romance novels) very very quickly.

I TAG: Nobody - 'cause everyone I know who blogs has either done this or doesn't do these lists. (Hi Dave!) I would tag my husband, but he doesn't blog. Yet (he says).

1 comment:

Me said...

Oh my GOD. You're neither dainty nor tactful????

(gasp, choke)

This is news to me! ;)

-Ween, who thinks you're pretty damned fantastic, tactlessness and all...