Saturday, April 01, 2006

Two in one day! A record!

I´m sitting at the internet cafe basking in the A/C. I had originally come here to call my husband, but he didn´t answer the phone. He´s probably basking in the sun at the beach house. He and his buds used to have an anual weekend-long party at a Galveston beach house, and they´ve been talking about it ever since. They decided to relive their glory days this weekend.

Right now I can´t get a hold of him. Bummer.

So I´ll post again, and let the world know that he doesn´t answer his cell phone... when swimming in salt water. Which makes sense.

I spent the afternoon exploring the town of Copán. Today was the first time I´ve been in a town where I don´t feel slightly threatened. In the larger towns I definitely felt gittery. So many people, so much action, so many voices speaking a language I don´t understand. I didn´t realize how much German I knew until I started trying to speak Spanish. When I went to Switzerland, I knew how to say "I know," "I want" and "May I" When I got here, not so much.

And the thing is, when I reach for a Spanish word, find I don´t know it, half the time a German word will come popping out of my mouth.

No wonder people here sometimes look at me like I´m crazy. Err, loco.

Well, I´m off.

PS - sorry that I´m using accent marks as apostrophes, but the right key is way too far to reach.

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Me said...

Hola, chica! La casa del playa was muy, muy bueno. Except for some guy named Casey who snores so loudly that he woke people up in the other room. You are missed.

The sheep was in attendance.

Chris told us you were seeing Mayan ruins or something. Very cool!

We've had to switch Sarah's meds. She starts Focalin tomorrow. Of course, I've been getting the "Focusin" cracks from my fellow beach bums.

Hope you're well!

Love you,
Ween :)