Thursday, April 27, 2006

Meeting the demand for pictures!

So I've finally figured out how to get pictures up here... and I've finally gotten Firefox to agree with me. Yargh.

Anyway, this was my office. I had a table, four scales, one bed and a bathroom with a shower. All the medical necessities. Hah!

And all of the reference books were brought on my back from the US.


But everything else was in Spanish or 20 years old. Not useful. The desk got more and more crowded as I learned more Spanish... suddenly I had everything in both English and Spanish. One copy for me and one copy for the patients.

It's good to know enough to be dangerous.

Next is the exam table and the sheets that were NEVER changed. Ever. Not once in four weeks. Very freaking scary.

And then there was Chiquimula - a teeming, busy, transit-oriented and downright scary collection of mid-sized town. I hadn't seen such a collection of poor people, bad smells, fresh produce and chickens since Hong Kong. Only Hong Kong smelled better.

Most of Guatemala looks like this... except the rich areas of Antigua and Guatemala City. Which would be really really small areas.

So even relatively ugly commercial and transport centers like Chiquimula have pretty bits. I really liked this frond tree. Until the old man beggar went for my camera. Can't win it all, can ya?

Up next, Mayan ruins!

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