Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day!

I love Thanksgiving. It is definitely my favorite holiday - you get all of your people together, cook some fabulous food and you don't need to buy anyone a gift. All the good parts about getting together with relatives without the stress of shopping and wrapping etc. etc.

This year hubbie and I are in Memphis with my Cool Aunt. I have a theory that in every extended family there is always the just sorta 'okay' aunt or uncle and then the Cool Aunt/Uncle. Aunt M is definitely the cool one on my mother's side. And I swear to God, everyone else in Memphis thinks she's cool too. For example, she has three Thanksgiving dinners to attend today - one 'public' affair at a very wealthy friend's house, one 'private' affair with the same folks and then her own Turkey Day with family. Then, looking ahead at the coming weeks, she has at least one social event per day most days of the week.

Yikes! I think the social life of Memphis might grind to a halt if she ever left...

But we all love her. I can't wait until she gets back from her 'private' gathering and helps me start the turkey.

Mmm... turkey!

Be good, ya'll and have a Happy Turkey Day.

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