Sunday, November 20, 2005

Awesome freakin' weekend

Or, how I learned to love crazy Cubans.

Anyway, Friday night was a gas. My hermit friend (referenced in an earlier post) threw another juggernaut of a party. This time, there weren't any homosexual singing surgery interns, but there were Jello shots. And it was good. Oh yes, it was good.

It was made even better because before the pah-tay we went to see Molly and the Ringwalds. They are an awesome 80's cover band - everything from Oh Micky to GnR to Black Sabbath to Depeche Mode. Aww yeah! So, so good.

Then there was Saturday. Saturday was filled with shopping for one of my favorite things ever. Kitchen supplies. We went to Ace Mart Restaurant supply, Sur la Table and Penzi's Spices. We got spatulas, spice containers, spices, roasting pans, wine glasses... so, so good.

And it wasn't over yet. Next was... billiards! And beer! And friends! Yippee!

Then, the coup de grace, Harry Potter! Again, so, so good. Right after the movie, there was a brief interruption in the goodness when our crazy Cuban friend lost his car keys, but because it was such a good damned weekend, we found them without too much panic.

Today was also super good - I got new fish! Yay fish! And the crazy Cuban kept me from buying some less than ideal Frontosa. Instead I got some beautiful haps and some mbosa. My 55 gallon aquarium is officially purdy now. And tonight I'm baking home-made bread. I'm not even cheating and using a bread machine - I'm doing it all on my own.

If the rest of my vacation goes like this, I'm in fat city.

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