Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bullet blast!

I'm shamelessly stealing this idea from Dave over at Bullets bullet points everywhere and all of them for YOU!

  • Bond. I love the latest 007. Dark, brooding, more than a little bleak, desperately holding out hope for a happy James until almost the very end... so luscious. And then there's Daniel Craig, eye-candy extraordinaire. I was good - really, I was! I didn't pre-order the DVD as I desperately wanted to do at $18 from DeepDiscountDVD. I waited. This was the correct move - after the release the price dipped down to $13. Now, of course, it's back up to over $18. So see? I was good.
  • Haircut heaven will happen today. I haven't had a 'spa' haircut in many, many moons. Today is the day. I'm seeing some chick at The Upper Hand who is apparently an expert in wavy hair. Have a mentioned the wave in my hair? The older I get, the more curl-like objects appear in my coiffure. What's up with that?
  • Work - I'm doing a lot of it. Somehow, some weeks I work incessantly, and some weeks I'm relatively idle. Last week? Idle. But not, since I was cleaning the abode for our annual blow-out party. This week? The first, of I hope many, weeks somewhere in the middle. Next week? Incessant work. The number of shifts this week and next week are the same, but next week I work way more night shifts do much more flopping from days to nights. I've decided that for the next batch of schedule requests (which won't happen until June!) I'll ask to bunch all of my night shifts. That way I'll only have to flop once.
  • The party. We did a theme party... and it actually worked. Probably because this was the third annual edition of the party and the second edition in our current homestead. I think people actually "got it" this year. Which was great. We have 50+ guests, tons of booze and more food than I had space to accommodate.
  • My husband's cat. He recently started be intermittently stinky. I mean really stinky. The Oh-My-God what the f#ck is that kind of stinky. He's more than ten years old, and he's never done this before. Hubby is just giving him baths, but I'm worried that something else is going on. Why the sudden change? He's always been a bit of a dirty/greasy cat... but never really a stinky one. I'm worried.
  • Out of towners. We're drowning in them this week. Our good friend flew in from Virginia for the party, tomorrow I'll see our friends living in Washington State, and this weekend my hubby's best friend is driving in from Austin. Why can't all of this bounty be spread over time? Argh.
Okay, that's the end of the bullet points. Hope you found that as entertaining as I did!

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Me said...

Soooo sorry I missed the wonderful, booze-soaked partay. The daughter, the boyfriend, and I did have a good time doing together things, though.