Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Salt Lake City, baby!

Traveling again. Once a week for the last three weeks I’ve been out of town. So far, all the trips have been great. Week #1 was Boston, #2 was Denver and #3 is Salt Lake City. Boston, of course, ruled the hiz-ouse. I will live there again – maybe nor for the next three years, but I will live there again.

Denver was also cooler than I thought it would be. Cheap movie matinee, nice downtown, people actually living downtown and good eats. What more does a gal want? Oh yeah… good public schools, too! (Although I only care for home resale value – not actual progeny. Remember – returning to Boston.)

Salt Lake I’m worried about. The pedi emergency medicine training is great. No question. I’ve met the faculty before at the conference they run out of Park City every winter. Good stuff – good learning and good skiing. What’s to complain about?

Oh yeah, 3.2% beer. And, possibly, overwhelming whiteness. Sickle cell crisis, anyone? No? No Black people… oh, okay then…

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Me said...

And Mormons. Lots of Mormons.

Although, if Joe Young can change... ;)

Word verification: cpdbush. I shit you not. Capped Bush? I hope the Secret Cervix doesn't come after me...