Friday, May 19, 2006

USMLE step 3 and buffet food

Let's tackle the second part of my title first. I discovered something new today... I don't like Dimassi's Mediterranean Grill. Not one little bit. I shouldn't have been suprised since I generally don't like buffets/cafeterias/appetizer bar thingies anywhoo. Just read the article connected to the link. How many places actually have their employees "[k]eep all surface areas clean. Employees should quickly clean up any spills. Staffers should be made aware of the dangers of spreading germs through wiping cloths. Studies have shown that wiping cloths can contain enough foodborne microorganisms to make people sick. To prevent this from happening, store wiping cloths in sanitizing solution at the proper concentration at all times." Have you ever seen a cafeteria employee hit the sanitation bucket between every wipe? I'm sure that reputable chains try to teach that to their people, but come on! It just never happens. I didn't see anything wrong at Dimassi's, but I just don't trust the whole idea of a public buffet in general. And then there was the food.

It was passable. I could eat it.

But not much more.

I won't be going back - at least not for the food. I won't protest too much if someone I like drags me back (hi Keith!)... but otherwise hell no. For the same amount of money there is MUCH better food to be had. Oh well.

Now on to the step. It is the third of three United States Medical Licensing Examinations and holy crap will I be glad when its over. It has all of this (shudder) adult medicine on it.

YUCK! Smelly adults (nevermind that I'm a smelly adult.) All this icky stuff I haven't had to think about. Dementia. Diabetic foot ulcers. Schizophrenia. Freaking colon cancer!

This is the last time I ever have to study the adult pathophys... or is it? Oh yeah, I want to do pedi ER. That means one month of adult ER. Oh powers that be, if you exist, please help me through that month... and help my patients while you're at it!


Me said...

My grandmother has not one, but TWO diabetic foot ulcers. I haven't seen them, thankfully, 'cause I'd prolly hurl or something.

See ya tomorrow night.


doctawife said...

Oh hells yeah - wash everything and cook it all to the right temp. I'm glad that someone from food safety and medicine has been glommed into one person - just watch, you'll end up in occupational health.