Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My husband lusts after my blog

Seriously. He needs the content management software or something. There was talk of a news release?

I dunno - computers are strange and mysterious things. When he talks about work, I basically just smile and nod. He speaks of codes and screens and accessibility (websites for the blind - whah?) and layers and tables. I cannot, for the life of me, form a mental picture of what he does with his time during the day. This leads to problems - I definitely don't seem to mind interrupting his work day with totally inane phone calls. Maybe if I could understand how he spent his time I wouldn't be so prone to interrupting his day.

It isn't like I haven't tried. I've asked him to explain knowledge management software, why Cold Fusion and dynamic web content are better (which I sorta kinda maybe get) and why he absolutely needs more than one monitor at work. I've asked multiple times.

And I just can't compute. (Heh. Get it?)

Then again, he's told me that he does the same thing with my work. But hey, people have reality TV shows with doctors in action to watch. How hard can it be? I mean really. I talk to patients and parents, do my exam (deep breath, where is your heart, which ear should I look in first, say ah, follow my finger with just your eyeballs), write orders and do paperwork. And then some do some more paper work. Repeat as necessary, with occational breaks for nagging nurses, placating parents and double-checking patients. You can envision that, right?

But what happens when you stare at a screen all day? It must be work, and it seems to be creative, but I just cannot imagine doing that all day.

But then, he can't imagine doing my job all day. I guess we each found a good fit.

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Karla said...

I don't know what my husband does for work, either. Which I guess I should, as i followed him all the way to Freaking Norway for it.
But I have noticed that most of the "expat spouses" I know have NO CLUE what their hubbies do. WE all just say "he works for XXX company" and maybe we can tell the title. "He's a DoHickeyWhatsis at XXX Co.".
"What does a dohickeywhatsis do?"
"I dunno, something technical,want another beer?"