Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm a doctor, I write a lot.

But not really. What I scribble on a daily basis looks more like a bowel of alphabet soup than writing. Before medical school, I could string words together into a narrative understandable to normal humans. Now the symbols emerging from the end of my pen look like something produced by a monkey on crack.

I'm starting this blog to improve my own writing. I also hope that someday I'll make a stranger laugh, and maybe improve my spelling. We'll see.


Have you ever noticed that when a public computer breaks, it stays broken? Then someone complains about the broken computer, but doesn't actually do anything about it. Has anyone actually witnessed one of these complainers on the phone with information services? And if not, why is everyone suprised that the computer stays broken? If I was the computer-fixer-upper I'd want to kick the complainers' asses.

There should be a rule - one can only complain if one has attempted to fix whatever has gone haywire. Examples:
- No one who didn't vote can complain about an elected official. (Incidentally, I voted and I complain a LOT.)
- No one can complain about the commute to work unless s/he has actually tried public transportation.

There would be, of course, exceptions to the rule. I complain about the transvestite hookers having sex on the hood of my car, but I'm not going to interrupt in the middle of coitus. Trust me, those johns are scarrrry!


mde said...

Hey Doc, you've got some interesting stuff. Good luck with the writing!

Me said...

Jesus, B... Hadn't heard about the transvestites on the car. Eeeek!

Come to think of it, I didn't know about your blog, either, until I saw your comments on Karla's.

Call me!!!! My summer is now free. Love, Ween